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The role of an insurance broker on the market

The insurance broker is the bridge between the insurer and the insured

The Euro-Sales Kft. was founded with the purpose of creating a firm with the expertise and consultancy service like a European broker firm in order to help the client make the best decision concerning insurance.

Our company works with an insurance law specialist and its owner is the only one in Hungary who graduated as an Insuranc Broker from the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Akademischer Versicherungsmakler - Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien).

Our main focus has always been the client’s needs for whom our professional expertise garantee the high quality of our services.

  • We listen to you opinion.
  • Show you the possible alternatives and point out the product’s pros and cons
  • We help you to choose the most suitable solution
  • And later on represent you in any given situaton, for instance, in an insurance claim.

The Euro-Sales Kft. always represents Your interests against other insurance consultants: 

More than 30 insurance companies…

Nowdays competition is even stronger between insurance companies. In the late 80’s there were only 2 government owned insurance companis providing services in Hungary but today this number is over 30.

More than 100 products with more than 1000  methods

The inurance companies offer insurance for all aspects of life and one of the biggest problems is to choose the most suitable product for ourselves. Without an independent counsultant it is very hard to find your way though the many options  and even though You think you have found the right one in most situations, it is far from the best solution .

Save money, time and energy for your company and let us find the best and most suitable insurance for you.

Do you leave other sectors of your company to experts?

Because you cannot take care of everywhere. Give your company’s insurance issues into professional hands. All of this wthout paying any commission!